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Is Alcohol One Of The Main Reasons For Why Domestic Abuse/Violence Occurs In The UK?

A research study conducted by a UK charity named Alcohol Research UK, developed a research project with the aim to identify and link what the roles of alcohol was in domestic abuse relationships. The main aims of this project was to identify individuals who had previous or current domestic abuse convictions, individuals seeking guidance and just the general public, to explore whether alcohol played any role in their conflicts with their partners (Gilchrist, Ireland, Forsyth, Laxton & Godwin, 2014). The...
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Workplace Discrimination And Harassment

Apart from daily issues regarding production and sales, ethical issues within organizations can be difficult and unforeseen for small and big businesses. Discrimination laws and other regulations have gotten formulated and implemented by governments to keep employers and workers responsible. However, these statues and laws do not completely prevent employees within an organization from acting unethically. This paper focuses on ethical issues within a workplace regarding workplace discrimination and harassment. Discrimination usually arises when any treatment within the workplace negatively...
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Controversies Over Video Game Violence

There was yet another tribune dedicated to incitement to violence through the content of works of fiction and in particular war video games. Just one more example of the causal discourses that try to circumscribe the horror of a drama whose magnitude challenges it to incomprehension by accusing media hobbies. When it lacks any expertise in the matter, the expediency of these discourses is often matched only by their weak arguments, whether produced by emotion or by petty political calculations...
2 Pages 843 Words

LGBTQ+: Beyond A Patriarchal Understanding Of Domestic Violence

Focus of Report This report will be focusing on providing insight into some of the experiences of domestic violence (DV) and intimate partner violence (IPV) within the LGBTQ+ community with the aim of expanding on explanations that go beyond a patriarchal understanding of the topic. Recent statistics, as of March 2019, 4.2% of men and 8.4% had experienced domestic abuse (ONS, 2019), with 25% of lesbian and bi-sexual women ,49% of gay and bi-sexual men (Stonewall,2018) and 80% of transgender...
5 Pages 2482 Words

Research Essay: Case Study On Domestic Violence Against Women

I. Introduction Violence against women as defined by the United Nations is any act that troubles and violates women making them endure pain physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. It is linked with the unequal power relationship between men and a woman resulting from society’s misinformed views on gender and sexuality according to the Philippine Commission of Women (PCW). Based on the preliminary findings of the 2017 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS), one in four (26%) ever-married women aged 15-49...
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The Effect of Abuse on Saul: Case Study

Saul experiences many instances of abuse which impact his ability to think throughout the story. The intense novel, Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese, exhibits multiple instances of abuse. Cultural, mental, and physical abuse are amongst the most prevalent and significant of abuses impacting Saul and his peers. As a result of the constant abuse Saul experiences throughout the novel, he becomes accustomed to trauma and suffers long-lasting psychological damage. Cultural abuse is the most prominent of the abuses Saul experiences,...
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Domestic Violence: Mental And Physical Effect On A Victim

Domestic violence is a crime that is heard about almost everyday. People being stalked, harassed, or even killed by their significant others for reasons that remain unknown. Usually people only hear about the women, their children as well if they are involved, but men are victims of domestic violence as well. It is not okay no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. People are still stuck in these abusive relationships until this day. Nowadays, it is getting worse. People are...
4 Pages 1653 Words

Rape Culture: Why Might the Definition of Rape as Absence of Consent be Problematic

1. Introduction This paper will argue that the concept of consent, as a centre piece to the legal definition of rape, is too problematic to act as a moral and legal pivot-point regarding sexual interactions. I shall argue that it should be replaced by a more comprehensive concept. In section 2, I shall: (a) highlight problems with consent, documented by (among others) Michelle J. Anderson, in her work 'Negotiating Sex'; and (b) argue that using consent as such a pivotal...
6 Pages 2513 Words

Deciphering Cyberbullying Using Social Learning Theory

Executive Summary Cyberbullying is referred as an act of harassment using electronic means. The victims are usually targeted by the means of social media and other such online tools. This may vary from disturbing rumours, threats to sexual remarks about a person. It also includes exposing personal information about the victim and hate speeches. The victim’s low self-esteem becomes an advantage for these cyberbullies. According to statistics 1 in 5 Australians are subjected to bullying (National centre for educational Statistics,...
3 Pages 1562 Words

School Violence: Safety of the School Setting from the Educator’s Perspective

School safety is a complex problem without a one size fits all solution. Trauma associated with school violence can have a profound impact on schools, families and entire communities. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention (2019) describes school violence as acts that disrupt learning and is a subset of youth violence. School violence has a negative effect on students, schools, and communities as it includes fighting, bullying, gangs, cyberbullying, and the use of weapons....
9 Pages 3919 Words

An Analysis of the Effects of the Ritualistic Practice of Two-Hourly Turning

This paper compares older research supporting the traditional practice of frequent repositioning with newer research which presents an argument against two-hourly turning intervals, and stresses the importance of providing residents with alternating-pressure air mattresses as an alternative option. The paper discusses the connections between such frequent turning with issues such as sleep disruption, problematic behaviors, restraint of patients, and thus, increased- rather than reduced- occurrence of pressure ulcers. With research showing that the traditional method of two-hourly turning can be...
8 Pages 3629 Words

Teasing, Rejection, and Violence: Case Studies of the School Shootings

Introduction According to the journal article that is being reviewed, approximately 40 students had their lives taken away and numerous students had gotten injured due to school shooting since 1993-2003. This article looked into the contributor of school shootings in between the year 1993-2001. Moreover, the study gave a look at some other factors of school shootings. The authors had made it clear that their aim is to determine the role of interpersonal rejection in school violence. The article also...
2 Pages 961 Words

Media Consumption: Effect of Media Violence on Teens

The term aggression refers to a range of behaviors that can result in physical and psychological harm to yourself, others, or objects in the existence of the eye. Society has evolved with the acts of aggression, verbal and physical aggression, reactive-inexpressive and expressive aggression. High level of exposure is known to have a negative impact on attitudes and behaviors with the role of the violent media. Does the violent media cause aggression in teens? Researchers have documented and identified a...
3 Pages 1216 Words

Negative Impact Of Violent Video Games

Introduction Computer games have become an increasingly important form of leisure, in which people live in the development of the computer and network popularization and electronics industry, and young people of one generation particularly welcome the violent computer game. The computer game with violence has stronger interactive, synchronous, repeatable and direct reinforcement features. Diagram 1 Violence computer game is a type that mutually presents the computer game of injury among the players, any person has a description (cartoon character and...
4 Pages 2025 Words

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and School Violence

Abstract PTSD from violence in schools through the country today are damaging young minds in ways we cannot imagine. This is what is going on in our schools today and how the young minds are being affected. PTSD from violence in Schools is Damaging Young Minds Violence in public schools has been increasing over the past decade in many shapes and forms. When we discuss school violence we are not just speaking about school shootings, we are discussing all forms...
1 Page 652 Words

Community Sentences And Restorative Justice: Analytical Essay

Introduction This report will aim to find a suitable sentence for Mr S by looking at different sentences such as community sentencing and restorative justice to see which would be more appropriate to help rehabilitate Mr S into society and prevent potential future offences. Restorative Justice The aim of Restorative Justice is to get the offender and victim to meet and address the harm and trauma that has been caused to a victim to attempt to repair the victims harm...
4 Pages 1949 Words

Capital Punishment: History, Advantages And Disadvantages

Do you think killing someone because of a serious crime they committed is acceptable? There are several opinions about this topic in particular: capital punishment. It’s the execution of an individual, authorized by the government, as punishment of a crime they committed. Capital punishment has had a long history of different methods being included throughout the years, and advantages and disadvantages that the practice of this has. To make an informed decision about death penalty or capital punishment, it is...
1 Page 651 Words

Violence Against Women: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography This essay chapter continues Virginia Woolfs’ thesis that 'a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.' Woolf’s fictional narrator, Mary Benton, fails to find her answer at the library. She then starts looking at history books to find out what the lives of women were like during the Elizabethan era. She focuses on this time because at this time a lot of great sonnets were being written but only...
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Essence of Rape Culture: Is It Ethical to Blame the Victims

With rape myth acceptance society allows the act of rape to be decriminalized. “Rape myths are a specific set of attitudes and beliefs that may contribute to ongoing sexual violence by shifting blame for sexual assault from perpetrators to victims.”(Iconis, 2008) Society does not comprehend what it means for a woman to be raped. Instead of empathizing with the victim, rape myths were concocted to put the blame on her. Tolerating this shift of blame to occur only builds the...
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Social Deviance In Vice Careers And The “Savior” Mentality

I have never really thought about the concept of social deviance before taking a class called “Social Deviance & Taboo” in University. Taking this class opened a whole new world to me in exploring all the different sides of social issues I have never really thought about from various perspectives. I view social deviance & taboos in the society as mainly labels and control over people by the individuals who have authority. What interested me the most was topics on...
4 Pages 1769 Words

Gang Violence: The Crime Of The Streets

In 1980, a brutally violent civil war broke out in El Salvador. Thousands of Salvadoran refugees poured into the United States seeking a better life. One of those refugees was a boy named Nelson. Nelson and his family landed in a guetto neighborhood of Los Angeles. While his parents worked numerous jobs, Nelson spend much of his time by himself, in a new country still trying to adapt to new customs and the English language. When he and other Salvadoran...
6 Pages 2781 Words

Domestic Abuse: Theological Analysis

What is domestic abuse? (Experience). Using the term “domestic violence” has caused difficulties in what the term exactly entails; due to it being interchangeable with phrases such as “wife battering”, this often relegates abuse to sometimes stereotypical terms i.e. only women can become victims of abuse. Other studies have broadened the term to look at the impact of the family unit, such as violence being aimed at other members of the family such as children. Even, the term “violence” carries...
5 Pages 2384 Words

Violence in Schools: Problems, Needs and Measures

Introduction A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students or pupils under the direction of teachers. A school should be a safe place where learners can learn freely and never fear for their lives. The recent year has redefined all these definitions in South Africa when numerous cases of school violence where reported frequently, not only did this become shocking but it also brought uncertainty in the country’s educational...
9 Pages 4075 Words

Elder Abuse: Life of the Elderly and Problems They Face

Abstract Old age is part of the human life cycle. Just as a plant grows from a seed to a full-grown tree, then in its maturity it dies by the hands of a lumberjack, man’s fate is just as equal to the tree, humans grow, age, and die. Aging has been a point of discussion for thousands of years, generating ideas like immortality as a means or a cure for aging. The ancient Chinese society was obsessed with youthfulness, seeking...
3 Pages 1428 Words

Actual Harmfulness Of Media Violence For Children And Adolescents

The world we live in thrives on media use; it is useful in all aspects of life. Children spend lots of time watching television, playing video games, listening to music and using the internet. The average U.S child spends about four and a half hours listening to music, four and a half hours watching television or movies and seven hours a day on social media. Media violence is a threat to adolescents and is increases violence and aggression. “Exposure to...
4 Pages 1805 Words

White Privilege in Crime and Deviance and the Mark Those Crimes Leave on Non-White Lives

Abstract White privilege is a topic that has picked up quite a bit of both positive and negative attention in the past few years, many claim that it does not even exist but that is only because it can be hard to recognize. Looking at examples like the controversy around the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rally and Black Bike Week it is clear that whites have a distinct advantage when it comes to others accepting their devious behavior and that there...
6 Pages 2877 Words

Concept And Types Of Workplace Deviance

Introduction: In the past years we have witnessed an increase in the unethical behavior displayed by employees working in organizations, behaviors such as theft, treating coworkers badly, not giving their best working and so on. These behaviors are a massive concern for everyone around the globe. Workplace deviance Workplace deviance means action desire to cause harm to the company maybe the action described as the deliberate, voluntary behavior that exceeds institutionalized expectations and thus compromises the organization's well-being. workers often...
3 Pages 1389 Words

Media Violence and Its Negative Effects on Attitudes and Behaviors in Children and Young Adults

Introduction Since the beginning of time humans have gone through many changes in the way we function and develop. However, there are a few things that will remain consistent throughout human history. These things include the way we consume information and our ability learn. Psychologist Albert Bandura developed the Social Learning Theory. Bandura’s theory proves that humans learn through observing behaviors and the repetition of those observed behaviors. This theory was outlined in 1963 but it is still prevalent today....
3 Pages 1387 Words

Sexual Abuse Issues in Film Industry

Nowadays, the tremendous rise of the film industry and the film industry is growing in a way that we cannot imagine. However, problems come along with the resplendence. “Metoo” movement was founded in 2006 to help victims of sexual violence. It is an international and large group hold against sexual abuse. Sexual harassment in the film industry has always been existed but came to society’s attention until lately. It happens in well-known actors, actresses especially, and minors as well. To...
2 Pages 802 Words

Influence of Violent Media on Human Misconduct

One of the biggest debates in today’s society is whether Violent Media can be accused for Human Misconduct. Violent Media can be defined as visual portrayals of acts of physical aggression by one human or human-like character against another (Huesmann, 2007) but this isn’t exclusive to solely visuals, as its been noted that even violent lyrics in Music can lead to aggressive acts (Fischer, 2006). In fact, this can be through any source of media that consumers can consume any...
4 Pages 1985 Words
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