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The Arab Spring - Revolutionary Movement

The Arab Spring was a revolutionary movement in North Africa and the Middle East, beginning in December 2010, with the start of the Tunisian revolution – and then spread to other Arab countries such as Egypt, Syria and Libya.Since the end of December 2010, the Arab Spring has affected many countries in North Africa and the Arab world, leading to the collapse of the government in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. In an unarmed rebellion, social media and social networking...
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Causes and Consequences of Arab Spring

Prior to the U.S. attack of Iraq, Iraqis had figured out how to remain bound together as a nation regardless of having their disparities. Numerous individuals asserted that the U.S. including themselves in the undertakings of Iraq would just be risky and cause much more confusion and division. The U.S. cases to attack Iraq to dispose of the weapons of devastation and help free the individuals of Iraq. Rather, the Iraqis wound up not being ensured and weren’t protected in...
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Analytical Essay on Development and the Metaphor of the Term “Arab Spring”

The ongoing upheavals in north African and middle eastern countries, which began December 2010 and continue to this day have generated a massive media coverage within the Arab world and beyond. Journalists, academics, and policymakers were and still are stunned at the rapid developments that spread across the region, demanding social and political change. Movements that until recently seemed improbable given the cultural and sociological complexities of the region. This paper will examine first, the development and the metaphor of...
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Factors of Arab Spring in Syria: Analytical Essay

Introduction The Arab Revolution also named Arab Spring is a huge protest movement that occurs in most Arab country at the end of year 2010 and early 2011. Arab Spring is seen as the main point to a new change to more democratic at Middle East. The word Spring refers to a flower season that related with a beautiful, and colorful and changes from winter to spring. There are many meanings of Arab spring has been defined from many scholars....
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Emerging Trends in the Middle East in Post Arab Spring Period: Analytical Essay

Abstract: The Arab uprisings tried to change the political domains in the Middle east. But the democratic system is not suitable for those Monarchic states because the leaders have tried to calm the protestors’ anger and continue with their rule. Protestors are being suppressed by them. A secondary research methodology is being used. The trends emerged in post Arab Spring period vary from one state to another. It was not success through out the region. Consequences are observed in different...
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Impact of Arab Spring on the Progression of Ladies' Rights: Analytical Essay

Nobody will overlook the locations of ladies energizing in the lanes and open squares of the Arab world, requesting the topple of oppressive systems that had been in power for a considerable length of time. Those scenes were a significant sign that Arab society was improving. The expansive cooperation of ladies in the Arab Spring unrests stunned the tyrant systems, which had expected that ladies would stay careful and wouldn’t participate in well known showings that could have presented genuine...
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Analytical Essay on International Relations: Post-colonialism and Arab Spring

Post-colonialism can be defined as an Extensively investigation of the impacts of colonialism on societies and social orders. It is worried about both how European countries vanquished and controlled ‘Third World’ societies and how these gatherings have since reacted to and opposed those invasions. The Arab Spring was a progression of against government challenges, uprisings, and outfitted uprisings that spread over the Middle East in mid 2011. In any case, their motivation, relative achievement, and result remain fervently debated in...
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Why Pro-Choice: Essay

Premature birth has been perhaps the greatest debate ever. Numerous people trust it is improper and even think about inconsideration it to be murder. The meaning of premature birth is; ‘The end of being pregnant through the disposal or ejection from the uterus of a baby or incipient organism before being fit for typical development. ‘These pro-life adherents do never again help the considering prompted premature birth and concur with it should be illicit. Huge numbers of these supporters do...
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Analytical Essay on The New Negro: Role of Same-sex Desire in Richard Bruce Nugent’s Smoke, Lilies and Jade

Fire!! Magazine, subtitled ‘Devoted to Younger Negro artists’ was published, for the first and final time, in New York in 1926. Despite the number of African American periodicals released before this magazine, Fire!! “caused a sensation […] which had never been known in Negro journalism before”[footnoteRef:1]. Edited by Wallace Thurman with contributions from other black artists of the Harlem Renaissance, Matthew Hannah argues that Fire!! advocated for “aesthetic representations of life as it really is, regardless of the “moral” considerations...
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Impact of The “New Women”, and the “New Negro” on the Society: Analytical Essay

According to “Understanding the American Promise 3e” by James L. Roark, “The rise of a freewheeling economy and a heightened sense of individualism caused Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover to declare that America had entered a “New Era,” one of many labels used to describe the complex 1920s”(648). The 1920s appeared to be a time of prosperity, since the U.S. had just gotten out of World War I. With its high-spirited energy and cultural change, it led to an increase...
2 Pages 1093 Words

Research Paper on the Importance of New Negro Movement

“ That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you are not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald. Roaring 20’s is described as a vibrant era filled with amazing authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Langston Hughes, and Gertrude Stein. As writers, their works were influenced by the world around them by what they saw and felt. During this time period, many movements surfaced bringing along a...
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Research Essay on Effectiveness of the Counter-insurgency Strategies Used by the US and NATO to Fight against the Taliban

Research Essay Assess the effectiveness of the counter-insurgency strategies used by the US and NATO in Afghanistan between 2001-2014. What lessons can be drawn to improve counter-insurgency strategy in the future? The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Centre towers and the Pentagon shook the world from the heart of New York. The unprecedented lethality caused and the coordination of events on that day redefined terrorism. Yet, it also left the United States of America (US)...
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Impact of Taliban’s Power in Afghanistan: Analytical Essay

The words, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain . . . ‘ ring all too true for the Taliban uprising in Afghanistan. In 1996, this young fundamentalist group built on harsh regulations and strict implementation of Islamic Sharia law took over the country. The rise of the Taliban’s power in Afghanistan would create the formula for future radical organizations to follow and set the stage for the Taliban’s resurgence in...
4 Pages 1772 Words

Case Study of Pakistani Taliban

The Pakistani Taliban, also known as the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), is an extremist terrorist group in Pakistan that formed in the year of 2007. Seeing that the Afghan Taliban was formed years before 2007, TTP can be thought of as the Taliban movement of Pakistan. This breakdown makes sense because there has not been true unification within this group, instead, they are different sectors within the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan that work with each other....
6 Pages 2889 Words

USA and Taliban Negotiations Concerning Afghanistan: Discursive Essay

The last two objectives are natural. Anyone who understands the Geo-strategic importance of Afghanistan, would exploit this position, if granted the presence. None of these objectives could be achieved without the presence of US in Afghanistan. Contrary to what US thought, it failed miserably in Afghanistan, with addition of military and financial losses. The BBC quoted the US Forbes Magazine (9th January, 2016) and said, “The war in Afghanistan has cost America up to $ 1 trillion and $ 70...
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Afghan War and Taliban: Discursive Essay

2001 year. How the war started. The war had started during years when the Taliban was controlling Afghanistan. In the evening of 7 October 2001, the military operation, performed by the USA and the UK, began. Around 40 combat aircraft and 50 missiles were activated. During the first month, the fighting was reduced to strikes by US aircraft on military targets of the Taliban. Anti-aircraft warfare was disabled almost immediately; all aviation they had was destroyed at the airfields. At...
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Chronology of The US-Taliban Treaty and Its Impact to Whole Region

On 11 September 2001, a huge attack in US, in which more than 3000 people killed. Then, Osama bin Laden (Head of Al-Qaida) found guilty of it. Then US government demanded Al-Qaida to expel Osama bin Laden. But, Talibans protected Osama bin Laden and refused to hand him over. Due to this behavior of Talibans, the United States lauched air strikes in Afghanistan. Since then, US troops is doing operation against Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan. The operation’s code-name Operation Enduring...
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US-Taliban Treaty: Comprehensive Analysis of Its Impact on India-Afghanistan Relations

Impact of US-Taliban Treaty on India-Afghanistan Relations Bilateral relations between both India and Afghanistan is friendly and the public perception in both countries is positive with respect to each other. And this has continued ever since Modi took office in India in 2014. Their relationship pans over the following key sectors: Political Economical Security This paper focuses on the above topics and specifically the impact of the US-Taliban treaty on Afghanistan and subsequently on Indian investments in Afghanistan and also...
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Issues of Bioterrorism: Analysis of Bio Terrorist Attack and RAID Applications

Readiness for bioterrorist attacks and early acknowledgment of explicit operators are basic for general wellbeing. Crisis divisions may assume a significant job in this field. The enormous range of bioterrorism includes appalling fear-based oppression with mass losses, yet additionally miniaturized scale occasions utilizing low innovation yet creating common distress, interruption, illness, incapacities, and demise (Tewari, Rashi, Sharma, and Jain, 2013). It points not exclusively to cause mortality and grimness yet in addition to prompt social and political disturbance. Readiness gives...
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Food Safety and It´s Issues Nowadays: Bioterrorism and Tampering Risks

Food Safety is the proper handling, cooking, and preservation of food to protect people from foodborne illnesses. Preparing and cooking food properly is key to preventing foodborne illness and loss of income from missing work. Food Safety also contributes to health care, millions are spent each year form infections from food. Many people suffer from a lack of knowledge and proper food handling procedures. Tampering Food tampering is the deliberate contamination of food with the intent to cause harm. Tampering...
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Epidemiology and Bioterrorism: Steps Necessary to Secure National Well-Being

According to Saddling data (Pinto, 2013), which are viewed as epidemiologic intimations of a conceivable natural fighting Epidemiologic pieces of information of a biologic fighting or psychological oppressor assault .The event of a scourge with a comparative sickness or disorder, particularly in a discrete populace. Numerous instances of unexplained maladies or passings. More serious sickness than is generally expected for a particular pathogen or inability to react to standard treatment. Irregular courses of presentation for a pathogen, for example, the...
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Bioterrorism: Issues Related to US National Food Security

Contemporary Issues Dealing With Food Safety The augmentation of food protection consideration manifests an in depth all-around notion of nourishment’s in global transactions. Foodborne diseases are increasing worldwide, particularly in the developing countries, due to neglect of personal hygiene and food hygiene (Yilmaz & Çakıroğlu, 2016). Alongside the expanding measure of tour, migration and trade, the progression at which threatening impurities and microorganisms penetrating through the boundary lines has also sold interest to public safety globally. During this exposition, readers...
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Essay on Montgomery Bus Boycott

During the 1940s-1960s, America’s Civil rights movements and the treatment of African Americans from the Jim Crow Laws was ongoing issue for generations. I decided to choose the Montgomery bus boycott as my topic because of prior knowledge about the first black women’s arrest against the laws of racial segregation which sparked my interest in The Montgomery bus boycott as they were both on the constitution of segregation. research shows that The Montgomery bus boycott was one of the first...
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Contributions of E.D. Nixon, Jo Ann Robinson, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott to American History

Throughout history, society has been evolving and growing with the voice of the American people. This voice has sparked teachings in schools, organizations, and other places all around the world. Two voices in particular have sparked and contributed to these teachings and how it has educated society. These voices are E.D. Nixon and Jo Ann Robinson. It is true that these two have been taught in our school systems as ‘civil rights activists’, but they also contributed to the movement...
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Stop Giving Alcohol to Underage Teenager: Persuasive Speech

Underage teenagers increased drinking habits replicate the destruction of a tornado. As winds of addiction hollow out teenager’s humanity, parents continue to supply this all-consuming commodity. Alcohol is society’s deadliest poison, it is everywhere, a dangerous cocktail of destruction. Perceived as the ultimate social inclusion device, it comes as no surprise that alcohol has been ingrained as a societal norm with an insidious grasp. Delusional parents are obsessed with the idea of being ‘cool’ rather than maintaining the innocence of...
2 Pages 729 Words

Underage Drinking as a Social Problem

More and a lot of alcohol is being consumed by young teenagers yearly. Alcohol isn’t being seen as a foul call some teens see it as pure gratification. Alcohol is being marketed all over the internet. In time most teenagers are going to try it. Alcohol will cause the unclear world of addiction and it may also destroy several lives. Simply ingesting a couple of beers may lead to somebody turning into an alcoholic at an awfully young age. If...
3 Pages 1366 Words

Essay on Underage Drinking and Its Harmfulness

Underage drinking is a form of social harm as it encourages young people to carry out unlawful sexual behaviors that cause disturbance to the surrounding public areas. Alcohol also enhances and distorts a person’s emotions often causing aggressive behavior which usually leads to serious injury and panic within a community. On an everyday basis, I witness many accounts of underage drinking that it has become commonplace to see many young people going out and becoming intoxicated. However, having this sort...
1 Page 462 Words

Excessive Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs among School Leavers

Every year thousands of Year 12 students get ready for schoolies week to celebrate graduating, in addition each year thousands of schoolies face serious health risk with studies showing that up to 58% of young people reported blacking out, 41% reported being injured, 40% reported having unprotected sex, 39% reported illicit drug use, 16% reported passing out drunk, 10% reported being involved in a fight and 7% reported driving after drinking at schoolies week (DEP, 2014). Excessive alcohol and drug...
2 Pages 1020 Words

Factors Contributing to Underage Drinking

The studies used for this systematic review primarily captivated the negative aspects of alcohol use and sought to either diminish or inhibit adolescent alcohol use. The methods for this research involved a combination of longitudinal studies, quantitative studies, qualitative studies, systematic reviews, and cross-sectional studies. Profound data from articles gathered through NUSS, ECBO host, and various other databases were utilized. Among numerous articles, 25 were chosen and consistently exhibited underage drinking is a true public health concern. The population of...
4 Pages 1899 Words

Guardians Are Responsible for Their Children's Underage Drinking: Essay

90% of liquor addictions begin in the high school years. Rarely do young people live alone, implying that practically all adolescents return home sooner or later in the day to their folks. Anybody younger than 21 that devours liquor is viewed as an underage consumer. Teenagers frequently don’t understand the harming impacts drinking can have on their networks, their families, and their lives. Underage drinking, other than being unlawful, is an expansive general medical issue that presents numerous dangers. Shockingly,...
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