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An Analysis Of Forms And Evolution Of Hindu Marriage

Marriage among the Hindus is a Sacramental Relation. This paper deals with Evolution and History of Hindu Marriage. It shows the ancient perspective of marriage and its customs. The paper elaborates forms of marriage practiced during the ancient era. It explains the changes and progress of marriage from the Vedic period to the current date. The Dharmasastra is the original customary rules for Hindu religion, and this paper shows how much the time has drifted our culture from original form....
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How Has The Internet Changed The Dating Industry?

The Internet has taken over the world and has revolutionized many different aspects of society this includes the dating industry. Looking throughout history, dating has taken many forms depending on the era. We have evolved from formal courtships to meeting potential lifelong partners via an online site or dating app. The Internet has made it possible to meet someone new within a matter of hours as long as you and the person on the other end both swipe right. The...
2 Pages 985 Words

Generation Gap: Parent To Child Relationships

Parent-child relationships are considered to be among the most important relationships Individuals have. These relationships area unit a primary contributor to the psychological well-being of each generations. Two basic demographic changes have created the roles that older oldsters and their adult youngsters play as joint informal mechanisms of support a lot of salient in recent years. First, the scale of current and future cohorts of older persons can challenge public and personal organizations’ ability to produce formal support to older...
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The Causes Of Conflict And Its Resolution In Healthcare

As nurses, it is paramount that we learn how to deal with conflicts on a daily basis. These conflicts can range from patient care, to being a strong patient advocate. Some conflicts are easily corrected and others take more time and energy away from what should be focused on the patient. Many times these conflicts can take away from patient care, and can ultimately cause harm or some type of neglect to the patient. When a conflict arises we as...
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The Difference Between Peer Pressure And Peer Influence

Growing up as a teenager in the 21st century holds a unique set of perks and drawbacks. Highly exposed to technology and social media, children and young students are getting fonder of socialization. Preferring friends of the same age group for any kind of solutions, suggestions, and advice, the current generation is finding more comfort in peers rather than family members. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, the friend circle of today’s kid is comprised of children with distinctive preferences in...
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The Differences Between The Novel And Film Speak

There were many differences made in the book like the length of the film. In this novel, the directors of the movie Speak made it shorter because of time issues. The author states “Anderson’s idea for the protagonist in Speak came to her in a bad dream. Her nightmare, which she wrote down upon waking, became the story of Melinda Sordino, who alienates everyone in her high school by calling the police during a drinking party the summer before her...
3 Pages 1515 Words

The Importance Of Speaking Skills

Speaking Fluency Speaking is not merely a matter of using words, but it needs a more complicated process of producing speech. Speaking is a productive skill that needs a lot of practices. In addition to listening, speaking is mostly taught to the students before reading and writing. By using spoken English, the students will be able to convey their idea. Therefore, speaking is a direct route from one mind to another and is the best way to ask a question...
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The Peculiarities Of Arranged Marriage In Saudi Arabia

The meaning of marriage in Saudi Arabia marriage is an integrative and interdependent relationship that combines men and women, which is a primitiveness for the person. Marriage in Islam is through a legal contract, which is done under certain conditions and methods, on the basis of which it is agreed to establish a family and protect the rights of all its members. Islam considered marriage the only and correct way to establish a home, family and childbearing, and to set...
2 Pages 1080 Words

The Peculiarities And Importance Of Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill that every person has whether they have mastered it or they lack the skill due to anxiety and anxiousness, we all have gone through it at one point in our lives. When you have good public speaking skills, it can be beneficial and essential when communicating your thoughts and ideas to a group. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of awareness training to reduce nervous habits when speaking in public. Targeting...
2 Pages 792 Words

Culture Impact On Conflict Resolution

Culture is ideology, beliefs, typifications, and practices of a particular society of people (Sewell 1999)1. Conflict occurs when differing views or beliefs meet each other. Culture and conflict are closely linked and have an impact on identity, relationships and the conflict resolution processes undergone within a dispute (Loode 2001)2. This essay argues that culture negatively impacts on a just outcome of conflict resolution. Firstly, the ability to have an equal opportunity in a case is significantly affected by cultural differences....
2 Pages 969 Words

The Importance Of Effective Interpersonal Communication At The Workplace

Interpersonal Communication is basically the exchange of message, meaning, emotions and feelings either verbally or non-verbally. It is majorly through a face to face communication. For an effective interpersonal communication, the parties concerned have to engage in active listening and giving feedback. Listening process is an action where we make sense, digest and give feedback on what we hear. This process involves, receiving message, try to understand it, take time to evaluate, reason or judge it and finally give a...
2 Pages 1058 Words

Interpersonal Communication: Rapport, Culture, Language And Conflicts

Introductions Interpersonal communication is an essential practice that allow people of different ages to interact and exchange valuable information with the use of feelings, verbal and non-verbal messages. It is usually a face-to-face communication that involves several components such as the message, noise, receiver, respondent, channel, context, and noise. The interpersonal communication course has been thoroughly engaging and insightful. I have been able to identify the critical skills involved in interpersonal communication that allow people to engage and interact on...
5 Pages 2462 Words

Effective Listening And Feedback As The Main Factors Of Interpersonal Communication

INTRODUCTION Communication can be defined as sharing of any sort of information, feelings and thoughts through various methods. With the outbreak of technology, ways of communication have changed a lot. Most of the people these days like to use modern methods of communication to make their lives easier and for saving time. Despite of this, the significance of interpersonal communication cannot be neglected. Interpersonal communication can be between two or more people. Effective communication skills are very critical at any...
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The Phases Of Interpersonal Communication And Their Impact On Self-Disclosure

The diversity of society was increasing the difficulties for the communicators because their conversation will be guided by the culture. Nevertheless, some of the people can have the good relationship and enjoying during the conversation with different cultural people. This is because they understand and practicing revealing themselves during the conversation. Through revealing ourselves, they can know more about each other. Revealing ourselves is a process of revealing the personal information rather than the general information about us to others....
3 Pages 1171 Words

Corporal Punishment In Parent-Child Relationship: For And Against

The famous American pediatrician, Benjamin Spock, once said, 'A child supplies the power, but the parents have to do the steering.' Amy Chua is an eastern parent who wrote about her parenting style, in the article 'Tough Love: Parents and Children,' she explains her rationale for the use of corporal punishment on her child. Chua believes strong discipline is necessary because it prepares children for the future. Also, western parents care too much about their children's self-esteem and let their...
5 Pages 2494 Words

Marriage, Divorce And Polygamy In Islam And Judaism

Both Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic monotheistic religions. In 2015, Islam had a population of 1.8 billion Muslims which makes it the second-largest religion in the world (Lipka, 2017). On the other hand, in 2015, Judaism had a population of 14.3 million Jews in the world (Dashefsky & Sheskin, 2015). Further, Judaism and Islam have similar and different approaches to the purpose of marriage, the rules and regulation of divorce and the opinions on polygamy. These differences and similarities are...
5 Pages 2058 Words

The Reasons Of Polygamy And Its Impact On Gender Relations

According to Anthropology, polygamy is well-defined as a marriage amongst one person and two or more spouses at the same time. This occurs in two main forms: polygyny, in which a man marries several women, and polyandry, in which a woman marries several men at the same time (Welsch, 2018). Polygyny is known as the most common form as well as the forms in which one is officially loyal but socially polygamous and maintains other relationships. Globally, polygamy is legally...
3 Pages 1302 Words

Gay Father In The Family And The Society

The love and personal relationship with their partners decreased for most parents, having a child. In addition, the rate of social participation of gay fathers also decreased; they appeared to socialize more with heterosexual parents and reported losing some gay relationships since they became parents (Bergman et al., 2010). Gay fathers reported higher life satisfaction but gave less important to their career since becoming a parent (Panozzo, 2015). Research on fathering has shown that heterosexual fathers influence their children in...
4 Pages 1678 Words

Love And Friendship Differences And Similarities

Exploring the Essence of Love and Friendship We all have been faced with the highs and lows of love and friendship one time or another in our lives. Love and friendship can bring you a life full of contentment or a life full of sadness, there are many aspects to love and friendship. Love and friendship can be like a beautiful garden of flowers you really don’t have the words to describe the beauty. As you get closer, you will...
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Three Types Of Friendships: Utility, Pleasure, Goodness

Friendship can be described as a bond of mutual affection between two people. These people could form this connection through a variety of different ways. According to Aristotle, there are three types of friendships. These are utility friendships, pleasure friendships, and goodness friendships. Utility friendships focus on the self-interest of one, or both, of the individuals. Their main goal is not to become a lifelong partner, rather to benefit from the relationship. This could be through manipulation or flattery, but...
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The Parent-Child Relationship In Shakespeare’s Play King Lear And Kurosawa’s Film Ran

Do you ever read a book and question why the author is delivering the moral? I believe your answer is “NO”. As viewers, we tend to forget that the main role of a narrative is to draw its audience into exploring and questioning key aspects of its context. Today let’s consider if this statement, “a narrative’s main function is to question aspects of our world” is true by discussing, “in what what does Shakespeare question aspects of his context and...
2 Pages 924 Words

Parent Child Relationship In Barn Burning By William Faulkner And Great Falls By Richard Ford

Introduction In this paper I emphasised on analyzing relationships of Parents and children in short stories Barn Burning by William Faulkner and Great Falls by Richard Ford. For the analysis of short story, I will discuss how childhood incidents can build the foundation of adulthood by analysing short story Death by Landscape by Margaret Atwood. I am going to use formalist approach for analysis of the literature. In the formal approach the literature is looked from the structure point of...
2 Pages 872 Words

The Show Stranger Things: Friendship & Relationships Between The Characters

Stranger Things has become one of the most popular television shows on the planet with its mind-blowing science fiction-horror storyline. The plot of the show revolves around a young girl named Eleven (Milly Bobby Brown) who has supernatural abilities. At the beginning of the show, Eleven escapes from a laboratory where she was being studied and travels to a small town named Hawkins. This is where a young boy named Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) is abducted by a creature from...
2 Pages 1097 Words

Technical, Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Apps For Online Dating

Introduction In this social media age, almost every entity depends on social media for marketing purposes. People buy and sell things on social media, get information about anything and also remain connected with distant relatives and friends through social media platforms. But there is one thing that makes me curious is – finding love through social media. There are many online dating apps as well sites which help people find someone according to their requirements. In earlier times, people used...
4 Pages 1868 Words

Privacy And Consequences Of Online Dating

Searching for true love is hard and the process of looking for someone compatible can be frustrating, lonely and overwhelming. By digitalising love, technology has made the process as convenient and efficient as possible, reducing the uncertainty an individual may face. Who knows, your next swipe might be your soulmate. Living in this digital age, dating now serve as a means for people to connect and build relationships. Millions of relationship seekers are using popular dating apps such as Tinder,...
3 Pages 1209 Words

How To Make Up A Friendship Based On Netflix Series Stranger Things And Stephen King Book It

A friendship is thought to represent the mutual bond between two individuals or a group of people who are friends. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, friend means, “one attached to another by affection or esteem” (Merriam-Webster). Being a friend means that you are connected to that individual or group of people by a common interest or mutual hobby. A friendship is made up of many different characteristics. However, there are three main ones that hold these bonds together. The three...
3 Pages 1381 Words

3 Qualities Of A True Friendship: Care, Support, Loyalty

A friend is someone difficult to find. A friend is someone you can always count on when times are tough. For example, a good friend is there when you are at the lowest times in your life. Friends, who pretend to care and then turn around gossiping are the start of the drama. As opposed to a friend that will support you in beneficial decisions, these toxic people cause others to lose assurance and trust in new friendships that they...
2 Pages 696 Words

Redemption In The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Amir goes through a lot. But he learns that you can be forgiven for things you have done. Amir gets to have another chance at life to make things right for good. In doing so he gets redemption. At the beginning of the novel, Amir lacks the courage to stand up for himself. By the end of the novel, Amir is motivated by feelings of guilt to seek redemption by saving Sohrab. At...
1 Page 453 Words

Marriage Customs And Traditions In The Islamic Middle East

The Middle East is the origin of the three main religions in the world, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Historical facts reveal that Christianity dominated the Middle East in the period around the 1st century until the Muslim conquest occurred in the 7th century AD. There are diverse traditions and beliefs prevalent in the Middle East Christianity, which differs from other parts of the world. Presently, Christianity is only 5% in the Middle East population from a whopping 20% in...
5 Pages 2057 Words

Polygamy: Agreements And Disagreements

Throughout my time in college, I have found there is a multitude of literature on the topic of polygamy. So, when one finds themselves embarking on trying to become an expert, there are many different sides to the story and angles to take into consideration. Due to the fact polygamy is such a controversial topic in the United States, there are multiple different areas to evaluate, religious freedom constitutional rights, ethics, and human rights are some of the most debated...
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