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Health Implications of Social Isolation and Loneliness

Mrs. X repeatedly stated when I was interviewing her how she was grateful and lucky for the support she has at home whilst still living on her own and having independence. She said about her neighbors who check in on her, a son and daughter in law who lived nearby and who she sees regularly, as well as two daughters who ring her often. This made me think about patients who may not be as ‘lucky’, who live alone, may...
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Ted Lavender's Unweighted Fear in ‘The Things They Carried’: Character Analysis

The award-winning author, Tim O’Brien, wrote the novel ‘The Things They Carried’, which was a collection of short stories based on O’Brien’s experiences in the Vietnam War. He elaborates on the brutality soldiers go through during battle and the morals of a true war story. Introduced in the chapter ‘The Things They Carried’, Ted Lavender is a young soldier, who is always apprehensive and copes with his fears with various items, such as dope and tranquilizers, that he carries throughout...
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Review of John Updike's Poem 'Dog's Death'

Death is a very complicated feeling to describe. Some people may experience various emotions. Death is most commonly described as a feeling of loneliness and emptiness. Robert Frost was a 20th century poet. Frost explains that, “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness”. In John Updike’s poem, ‘Dog’s Death’, it shows an abundance of feelings and emotions. Updike’s poem, most definitely, creates a ‘lump in the throat’, as he goes...
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Helping Others and Happiness

Jenny Santi in her article ‘The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others’ states that helping others may seem like it doesn’t make a big different on making our lives happier, but it has a huge impact. When it seems as if we are forced to give back to others, it doesn’t make us happy which is why we should never have to feel that. No matter how much we help people, we can guarantee it will make us or them...
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Childhood Memories of the Birth of a Passion for Poetry

As teenagers, we may think of poetry as synonyms of old and useless, and reading it may seem monotonous. When we read a poem, we must have problems with pronunciation and comprehension of it. Although when we hear it, we can experience a new way to approach the poem. I came from Cuba, where the Internet is not an option to make poems come alive, and the technology is deplorable because of the blockage held against the island. Cuba uses...
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Passion for Engineering

The aspect I admire most about engineering is its problem-solving approach which combines physics and mathematics to face problems of increasing complexity. Engineering is both used to solve human problems as well as satisfy human curiosity. A great example is NASA’s rover Opportunity, which survived almost 15 years longer than expected against all odds. We can attribute opportunity’s success to the excellent engineering work done which enabled the rover to withstand the harsh conditions on Mars. For instance, its wheels...
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Why I Honor the American Flag Essay

Introduction The American Flag is a symbol of freedom, unity and sacrifice that has been used to represent the United States of America since the late 1700s. It is a powerful symbol of the nation’s history, values, and principles. As an American citizen, I believe that it is important to honor and respect the American Flag, which is why I am writing this essay to discuss why I believe it is important to honor the American Flag. This essay will...
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What is Trust? Essay

Sustain Trust When you start trusting you are basically exposing yourself to vulnerability of betrayal with expectations of not being betrayed. If you once asked yourself why do you have to sustain trust its primarily because takes huge amount of courage to trust and which you give up control to what is valuable to you be it your heart, sharing your secrets or sharing your work. You can sustain trust through honesty by giving constructive feedback and criticism when your...
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Trustee Model of Representation

Simplest Representation Model First, there are three concepts involved in the simplest representation model. There are principal, agent and third party. There are principal, agent and third party. The principal is hiring other one to do something for them that they cannot do for themselves. So, the agent performs certain actions on behalf of the principal. In reality, voters are the principal, while legislator is the agency. In the electoral regulations, voters clearly know the functions of legislators and can...
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Three Types of Trust Between Business Customers

A business customers are their biggest assets because without them, no business would grow well and no business would succeed in their endeavours; in fact, there would be no purpose for business at all. You cannot pick them up and drop them whenever it satisfies you, no matter how galling they may become. You need to retain them, and you need to develop your relationship with them so both business and customers are satisfied. By building trust between business and...
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The Importance of Trust in a Relationship

Trust is difficult to define and we do not realize when it is lost. When this happens, we will regain our level of vitality and commitment. We may not show it clearly, but we are reluctant to tell each other face to face that we are upset and share what is essential to us. As a result, we remove the person. This loss of trust can be erased or hidden to some extent, especially when we claim to be available...
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Definition of Trust

The definition of trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Wooden (n.d.) states that one should be concerned more on self-character rather than the reputation. Everyone would agree that character matters. It is one of the simplest way to know the person’s transparency. Even during the Prophet’s time, Islam has emphasize people about trust. There is a hadith about trust narrated by Abu Huraira states, The Prophet, peace and blessing upon...
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Society Needs Empathy: An Argumentative Essay on the Boston Marathon Bombing

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know when it will be too late”, – Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote shows that the bombers that did this tragedy could have been stopped because they could have used empathy and kindness. Using that, they could’ve stopped and reflect on what decision they were going to commit to but they decided to use an act of terror. Killing 3 and injuring hundreds, they needed empathy. Due to this, my...
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Motivations and Consequences of Fear in North Korea

North Koreans, from childhood, are indoctrinated to idolize their leaders and to never doubt the system in which they live. This manipulation and brainwashing stems from insecurity and fear residing in the souls of North Korea’s dictators, making them believe that complete control is a necessity for their rule. They believe that for the government to maintain control, it must have complete submission from their people, which creates an atrocious environment for the population to experience every day of their...
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5 Paragraph Essay about Courage

General George S. Patton once said that “courage is fear holding on a minute longer”, a statement that seems natural coming from such a famous American hero. It’s easy to speak of courage when one has it and to write off fear as something that is easily dealt with. It’s far more difficult for the non-heroes of the world to define what courage is and to brush off their fears for long enough to find out. By simple definition, courage...
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Act of Kindness Essay

“Can you recall a time somebody was kind to you? Now change the scenario and think of a time you were kind to another person. Call to mind their reaction and how you responded. Move into your heart and notice the feelings there.” — Tony Fahkry To be kind is probably the most important value in our society because it involves loving and caring about others expecting nothing in return but the satisfaction that it brings to the soul. Being...
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Does Money Buy Happiness Essay

Happiness is something essential in our everyday lives. It is a part of the building blocks of living a good life. I find joy in wrestling, family, friends, my phone, and fun activities. I find happiness and joy in these because I am usually spending time with the ones I love and care about. Other people can find happiness in many things whether it’s their car, house, family, and many others. This leads us to the question… can money buy...
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Honesty Is the Best Policy Essay

Honesty means honesty. Honesty means developing the habit of telling the truth throughout your life. A person who practices honesty in life has a strong moral character. Honest people display good behavior, always abide by rules and regulations, observe discipline, tell the truth, and are punctual. An honest person is trustworthy because he is always inclined to tell the truth. Each of them must have heard the phrase ‘honesty is the best policy.’ In fact, this is a wise statement....
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Concept of Happiness in Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle: Critical Analysis

Aristotle was one of the great thinkers of the ancient world, so much so, that he has influenced the way people think throughout time. One of the fields in which he wrote extensively about was that of ethics. His book the “Nicomachean Ethics” outlines that happiness is the ultimate goal a human being should strive for and that it is the main purpose of one’s life. In his lectures, he states that happiness can be achieved with the cultivation of...
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Relationship Between Profanity and Honesty: Analytical Essay

Abstract The overall purpose of my research was to look into the use of swearing by facilitators during group sessions as a method of improving group members’ engagement with session materials and examples but also helping them more fully understand and internalise the learning. To do this I have looked mainly for studies which have been carried out by psychologists and industry professionals using the scientific method. Whilst there is some dissenting opinion, the overall consensus among those is that...
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Aristotle’s View on Happiness Found in the Nicomachean Ethics: Analytical Overview

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher that lived in the fourth century BC of Ancient Greece. He spent his life analyzing different philosophical texts; which led to his work on a good human life and happiness. Aristotle believed that in order to achieve a good human life we must be a good human being through our actions. In the film, Groundhog Day, we meet a weatherman, Phil Connors, who repeats the weather countless times on February 2nd. As Phil continues to...
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What Are You Passionate about Essay

I can say with conviction that I have always been an advocate for technology in this immensely technologically advanced world. The world has seen many changes from Stone Age to the computer-based technology era. Human beings always keep developing and learning new ideas. So it is not surprising that I have a passion for technology, a bit more than what is considered a balanced view. My passion to know how a computer game works grew with my age, to know...
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What Is Love Essay

A Phenomenology of Love Abstract Love is a very timely phenomenon, and phenomenology is a study concerning phenomena. In this paper titled, ‘A Phenomenology of Love’, we tackled and discussed our new perspectives about love — to which we connected it to the following: loneliness and admiration, infatuation and friendship, honesty and truth, sacrifice, and freedom. Keywords Love, Freedom, Sacrifice, Truth, Lies Hundreds of years have passed since people started to ask, “What is love?” Several individuals have already tried...
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Definition of Love Essay

A Philosophical Analysis of Love Philosophy aims to answer various questions about life in a rational and disciplined way, and one, if not the most important, is the understanding of personal love. Love, life’s greatest gift and mystery, appears in various kinds and is difficult to distinguish. The love a person feels for his/her partner (romantic love) is very different from their love for their family and friends. It has no boundaries and is very essential for humanity. Love is...
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Can Money Buy Happiness Essay

‘Chi cheng!’ the sound of money passed over my ears again. Do you love this kind of sound? Yes, there is someone purchasing something but there is none of my business again. Everyone said, money is not everything, but you can’t do anything without money. Even though there are some people who feel that there is still something that could not be bought. However, what I wish to ask is, will you be happy without anything even like necessary goods?...
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Examining Lost Identity and Dignity Through Stevens

The novel The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro examines the different facets of dignity. The protagonist, a butler named Stevens, adamantly seeks to become a great and dignified butler, a task that he believes only the most imperturbable can achieve. As he examines his life while on a motoring trip, the self-deception and disillusionment fostered by this concocted ideal become clear. Through Stevens’ interactions with his own personal affects, including his name, his room and his clothing, Ishiguro...
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Life Twists and Turns

As we say, we live once. This means that the opportunities provided by life should be used as much as possible. But how do you know that the chosen path is correct? So often we have to make decisions, think about it, or is it what I want? Already from elementary school, we have a choice – what to do next? Join a high school, gymnasium, go straight to the profession or do nothing? The choice is in your hands,...
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The Importance of Respect for Others

We live in a world that is filled with conflict, dislike and negative criticism. In this, we believe that we are open-minded toward individuals who see the world uniquely. But that may not be the case always. Expressing yourself can be done in different ways and the way you choose is really important. You can either say things in a negative way and push down people or express your views with respect. It is essential for us to show respect...
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A Correlational Study Of Mental Health, Resilience and Happiness

Mental Health is a positive idea. The idea is socially characterized, yet by and large identifies with the delight throughout everyday life, capacity to adapt to stresses and pity, the satisfaction of objectives and potential, and a feeling of association with others (Jenkins, 2007).Cutts and Mosaley (1978) has characterized emotional wellness as a ‘capacity to alter palatably to the different strains of the earth; we meet throughout everyday life and mental cleanliness as the methods we take to guarantee this...
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Power of Fair Over Us

Fear. We all experience it universally every day as a basic emotion. Everywhere we go, everything we do, fear is hidden deep in our minds. Some might not consider fear’s power over us, thinking it’s too small of emotion to be in control of our ginormous body, and our even bigger life. Fear is just known to be a survival instinct, only to take control in dire situations, it sounds like we benefit from it, don’t we? Phobia comes from...
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